• August: Robert Gibson (Jake's father) and Robert Ecker (Henry's father) fight together at the Battle of Oriskany


  • End of the American Revolution.  Loyalist refugees (United Empire Loyalists) including Robert Gibson settle in the Niagara peninsula.



  • November: First parliament of Upper Canada is convened by Governor Simcoe in Newark (now Niagara-on-the-Lake).


  • Upper Canada parliament moves to York (now Toronto).
  • Jay's Treaty: British abandon Fort Niagara and begin to build Fort George on the other side of the river.


  • Joe Willcocks arrives in York from Ireland and fits into the Upper Canada establishment.




  • Joe Willcocks begins publishing a newspaper, the Upper Canada Guardian.
  • Joe Willcocks elected to the Upper Canada Assembly.
  • Naval battle between the Leopard and the Chesapeake nearly brings Britain and the United States to war.


  • James Madison becomes President of the United States. War Hawks in Congress call for the invasion of Canada.
  • In the Upper Canada assembly, Joe Willcocks leads the parliamentary oppostition to Governor Gore.


  • With the departure to England of Governor Gore, General Brock is appointed as Administrator of Upper Canada.

Brothers at War


  • February: Jake Gibson and Eli McCabe meet at a snowball fight beneath the walls of Fort George; General Isaac Brock helps rescue Jake from the frozen Niagara River.
  • March: Jake and Eli visit General Brock. They swear an oath of allegiance to each other as blood brothers.
  • June: death of Jane Gibson (Jake's mother) and Charlotte (his sister).
  • September: Jake goes to work for Mr. Willcocks at the Upper Canada Guardian.
  • December: McCabe tannery burns to the ground -- arson suspected.


  • February: Mr. Willcocks takes Ginger to York.
  • May: General Brock dissolves the Upper Canada assembly and calls an election.
  • May: General Brock asks Joe Willcocks and Robert Gibson to negotiate with the Iroquois on his behalf.
  • June: Joe Willcocks is re-elected.
  • June: the McCabe family returns to the United States
  • June: the United States declares war on Great Britain.

A Hanging Offence

August 1812

  • Jacob goes with Father and Mr. Willcocks to the Mohawk Village.
  • Jacob makes friends with Ronhnhí:io (pronounced Loon-heel-yo), He has a Good Spirit.

October 1812

  • October 12 -- Jacob and Father stop at Queenston en route to a visit to the Lovelace family in St. Davids.
  • Jacob meets Abby and Georgina Lovelace.


  • October 13 -- Battle of Queenston Heights
  • October 16 -- General Brock's Funeral
  • Eli is arrested.
  • Eli is charged with treason.

November 1812

  • Jacob, Eli and Mina make plans for Eli's escape.

December 1812

  • Robert Gibson marries Emma Lovelace.

Blood Oath

May 1813

June 1813

  • June 1 -- American army, under the command of generals Chandler and Winder, set out in pursuit of the retreating British. Eli and Joe Willcocks accompany them.
  • June 6 -- Battle of Stoney Creek.
  • June 9 -- American army returns to Fort George
  • June 23 -- Jacob meets Laura Secord
  • June 24 -- Battle of Beaver Dams
  • June 27 -- Eli and Jacob meet with William and Henry on the field of honour.