75A Zoscha, you have mail!

Disappointed OSCAR Readers

Dear Editor,

As newcomers to the neighbourhood, we were disappointed to read the column entitled the Politics of Dogs.  As the owners of the dogs referred to in the article, we do not understand why the OSCAR would print a one-sided, mean-spirited account of what was a very unpleasant incident.  We don’t think there are too many dog owners who would have stood back and watched a growling German Shepherd gallop up to and attack their dogs – without provocation – so that the German Shepherd could “sort things out.”  The author’s amusement adds inslt to injury and then to see that he can use his monthly column as a forum to justify his dog’s actions and belittle another breed is an abuse of his position.  For someone who professes tolove dogs, he showed a total lack of respect for ours.  Common courtesy and concern for the attacked dogs, an apology or a question about their health would have been the least one could have done under the circumstances.

Given that this is the second time the dog has attacked our dogs, we don’t think it is unreasonable to ask that the dog be leashed to avoid others being subjected to the same situation.

M and J Rodrigue

Dear Zoscha,

I was sad to hear that your house mate Lily had an encounter with some small dogs who take advantage of the fact that humanoids don’t understand dog communication very well, and then hide behind their humans.  You will note that I don’t call their humans their alphas, because usually dogs like that think they are one the same level as humans, and above the rest of us.

That can happen all too easily, even to the best of dogs.  My friend Nellie was going to come over for a play date – and for me an energetic terrier my own size and full of saucy terrier antics is a perfect companion to romp with.  But she was not allowed to come because she had started to be very aggressive toward other dogs.

She was taken to a trainer who questioned her alphas, and deduced from their household habits that dear Nellie, quite without realizing what was happening to her, had begun to think herself almost human.  She was sleeping on the alphas bed, had her own chair to curl up in, and in a house without junior humanoids she was beginning to take their place.

Poor Nellie!  She didn’t realize what had been happening to her, but pup-o-pup did her life change!  Back to the crate for sleeping, always on the short leash, no more soft beds or cozy chairs.  No more snacks of people-food when alphas are munching.  Nope – back to the dog world.  They even toss her over and pin her on her back sometimes just to show her who is an alpha!  But tough love is working, and Nellie is becoming her old self again.  Maybe soon she will come to visit me at Windsor, and we will rip up the turf chasing all the varmints and bee beasties we can find.

Zoscha, please give Lily my sympathies.  I understand how easy it is to be riled u by some of those saucy dogs that know they never have to stand up for what they say.  You know that I

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