2. Mr. Joe's Corner Store

As you go through life, be sure to take time to sniff the hydrants.

Last month, my Alpha lost his friend, Mr. Joe.  Or at least, I think Mr. Joe is no longer there.  It's hard to tell what goes on inside the corner store because the windows are blocked up with signs, produce, notices of community events, and family pictures.  Not to mention the plethora of plantlife on the inside.  But as you know, these plants -- Norfolk pines, Diefenbakia, potted palms and the rest -- are pretty useless as plants go.  The humanoids won't let you leave your mark on them.

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1. My Pack and My Friend

Wasn't that a week of snow, though! Seemed that every time we had left our calling cards along the snowbanks, the ploughs would come along again and bury them.  Ýou're a beagle and maybe your sniffer is more finely attuned to whiffing out the evidence of who has passed by that morning, evening beneath the snow.  But for we dogs of lesser schnoz, it gets pretty challenging to keep up with the news of who's out and about.

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